Wednesday, April 26, 2017

I strongly agree with the teen vogue article because it says “it's a tool that you use to enhance what you love about yourself” and that's very true, men and women use makeup because it's fun and makes you feel confident, you could also express your artistic skills

It is more interesting seeing males wear makeup because we don't see that every day we usually see females wearing make up. Since 2015 men started putting themselves more out there and just expressing themselves and one way they are doing that is by makeup, I have gone on all my social media and I have seen many men wearing makeup and I think it's a good thing

Big companies have signed mail MUAs to model and promote the cosmetics such as “cover girl” and “Maybelline” people all over the world were either surprised, happy, or mad. Some people were surprised because they never saw it coming, others were really happy because they strongly support males wearing makeup, many others were mad or disappointed because, they just don't think it's right for males to do a female's thing.

I myself strongly support males wearing makeup because it's cool seeing another sex do something that they don't normally do, plus who am i to judge? I don't understand why people think it such a bad thing for males to wear makeup it's not harming anyone.

Some people have said “I don't want my child to see a male wearing makeup it sets a bad example on them” then how are you suppose to raise your children and tell them they can do and be whatever they want? What if they want to be a male who wears makeup or what if they don't, what i'm trying to say is that no matter how much we try to change someone it will never work, we can't change someone into what we want them to be it's their life we can't try to control someone.

I think the article “why boys wearing makeup is more than a trend” is a very well written and well said article,I just would have loved if they wrote more, but other than that it was a great article.

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