Thursday, April 27, 2017

                         How makeup and health are connected*

The article “the connection between makeup and mental health” is very good because it talks about how many girls and boy rather go out with a full face of makeup because they feel more confident and more comfortable. In this article it says that “ 44 percent of women surveyed suffer from negative emotions when they go natural. For example, 16 percent of women felt unattractive, 14 percent felt self-conscious, and 14 percent felt like without wearing makeup they were naked/as though something is missing and a small minority of 3% actually felt more attractive when the decided to go natural” and i think that is true a lot of women do feel unattractive without makeup and a small amount of girls think they look beautiful without makeup.

also in this article it says that almost half of women have have negative feelings when they don't wear makeup, and I think people do get depressed when they see other pretty people and they think the are not pretty enough or good enough.

For myself I feel less attractive when I have no makeup but it does feel nice when you let your face breath for a while sometimes I do prefer to go natural because I get so tired of having to put makeup every day. Most of the time I feel unattractive because i'm really insecure of my acne scars but I have learned that my acne scars are apart of me so I've learned to love them.

I really liked this article because it gave me a lot of information about the connection of makeup and health. This article was well written and I was very impressed by what it was saying, when you have the time to read this article I would highly suggest you to read it.

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  1. What ingredients in makeup can be absorbed through the skin? I would be interesting in reading the long-term health costs of makeup.