Thursday, April 27, 2017

                         How makeup and health are connected*

The article “the connection between makeup and mental health” is very good because it talks about how many girls and boy rather go out with a full face of makeup because they feel more confident and more comfortable. In this article it says that “ 44 percent of women surveyed suffer from negative emotions when they go natural. For example, 16 percent of women felt unattractive, 14 percent felt self-conscious, and 14 percent felt like without wearing makeup they were naked/as though something is missing and a small minority of 3% actually felt more attractive when the decided to go natural” and i think that is true a lot of women do feel unattractive without makeup and a small amount of girls think they look beautiful without makeup.

also in this article it says that almost half of women have have negative feelings when they don't wear makeup, and I think people do get depressed when they see other pretty people and they think the are not pretty enough or good enough.

For myself I feel less attractive when I have no makeup but it does feel nice when you let your face breath for a while sometimes I do prefer to go natural because I get so tired of having to put makeup every day. Most of the time I feel unattractive because i'm really insecure of my acne scars but I have learned that my acne scars are apart of me so I've learned to love them.

I really liked this article because it gave me a lot of information about the connection of makeup and health. This article was well written and I was very impressed by what it was saying, when you have the time to read this article I would highly suggest you to read it.

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

                       The power of Makeup*

I love this video by NikkieTutorials because it shows you how you can have fun by putting on makeup. In this video she does her makeup on half her face and she shows you the power of makeup. Also in this video she says “I've been noticing a lot lately that girls have been almost ashamed to say that they love makeup because now a days when you say you love makeup you're  either doing it because you want to look good for boys, you do it because you're insecure, or because you don't love yourself” and I totally agree with what she is saying because girls who wear makeup usually come out to be the target people will say “you wear to much makeup”, “you eyebrows are too dark”, “boys don't like girls who wear a lot of makeup”, “you look better without makeup” but makeup is not meant to impress nobody, most people wear makeup because it's fun you can create so many new looks and as of for me makeup makes me more confident.

Nikkietutorials talks about how there is no limits to makeup, create your own makeup look have fun with it be confident because no matter what people will talk they will say many things but as long as you are confident with yourself and love yourself everything will be great. love yourself with our without makeup.

After nikkietutorials posted “the power of makeup” on YouTube people have been following this trend and posting them themselves all over social media she made a big impact on all makeup lovers to show how they feel she gave them a voice through makeup. Nikkietutorials is my favorite MUA because she is just so down to earth and so caring and her personality makes me love her more.

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favorite product

I first heard of two faced foundation about a year ago. I was in a makeup store and I asked them what their best foundation was and they told me that the two faced born this way was a really good foundation so I decided to give it a try. When I tried it for the first time I was in love with it,  ever since that day I haven't traded it for anything I tried another foundation (I forgot the name of it) and I did not like it I had to go back to the store and buy the two faced foundation.this product is just so easy to blend and it's amazing it has the right coverage and as of for me I have a lot of acne scars and it covers them up very easily it's just an amazing product. The foundation is $39.99 it's a little on the expensive side but it's totally worth it.

Before using this product I would use drugstore foundation and it would give me acne and really bad rashes then I switched to two faced and it does not give me rashes or acne and that's really important for foundation for it to not give you acne or rashes. The brand “two face” does not test on animals and that's really important because most expensive products are usually tested on animals and this brand is animal cruelty free.

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I strongly agree with the teen vogue article because it says “it's a tool that you use to enhance what you love about yourself” and that's very true, men and women use makeup because it's fun and makes you feel confident, you could also express your artistic skills

It is more interesting seeing males wear makeup because we don't see that every day we usually see females wearing make up. Since 2015 men started putting themselves more out there and just expressing themselves and one way they are doing that is by makeup, I have gone on all my social media and I have seen many men wearing makeup and I think it's a good thing

Big companies have signed mail MUAs to model and promote the cosmetics such as “cover girl” and “Maybelline” people all over the world were either surprised, happy, or mad. Some people were surprised because they never saw it coming, others were really happy because they strongly support males wearing makeup, many others were mad or disappointed because, they just don't think it's right for males to do a female's thing.

I myself strongly support males wearing makeup because it's cool seeing another sex do something that they don't normally do, plus who am i to judge? I don't understand why people think it such a bad thing for males to wear makeup it's not harming anyone.

Some people have said “I don't want my child to see a male wearing makeup it sets a bad example on them” then how are you suppose to raise your children and tell them they can do and be whatever they want? What if they want to be a male who wears makeup or what if they don't, what i'm trying to say is that no matter how much we try to change someone it will never work, we can't change someone into what we want them to be it's their life we can't try to control someone.

I think the article “why boys wearing makeup is more than a trend” is a very well written and well said article,I just would have loved if they wrote more, but other than that it was a great article.